Mister T

Mister T is an occasional furniture composed of a basket, a tray and two cushions. It was conceived to offer several basic functionalities in one product, without the arrogance of a modularity. Mister T is neither a coffee table, nor a chair, nor a footrest, but a little of each. The basket and the tray of Mister-T are manufactured from ash leaves. This essence of wood may present slight variations of hue. It is normal that the different elements of the same unit have not always perfectly identical colors; each Mister-T is a unique unit.

Composition : Bentwood ash plywood (mat varnish finish), Steelcut trio fabric cushions (Kvadrat),
tray in moulded white ABS.
Dimensions: 60 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm
Weight : 7 kg env.

Design : Antoine Lesur 2010

Graduating from Boulle school in Paris in 2002, Antoine Lesur joined Innovathèque, an innovative materials library, and then the CentDegrés design agency before beginning working for Patrick Jouin as a freelance designer since 2007.

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